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Now that I have a considerable amount of money to “play with” for the first time ever in my life, why not do something SOLELY FOR MYSELF that I know I would enjoy & that I certainly DESERVE considering these last 12+ years of psychological/emotional/sexual “LIVING HELL” I only miraculously managed to survive (at least somewhat intact) at all…

FOR THE RECORD: If I ultimately do decide to hire a male escort, it WILL NOT BE FOR ACTUAL SEX=I ADMITTEDLY ache (understatement) to experience physical intimacy with another human being again, but because of both the recent & long term TRAUMA/ABUSE I’ve suffered, I am now filled with FEAR in regards to everything (even in regards to my own sexuality). “Technically” (depending upon how broad a definition you allow to be applied to the word) I’ve actually even been raped on more than one occasion in my adult life=”Traditional” dating just isn’t in the cards for me. (How could it be?) That’s the only reason I would ever, ever, ever, even consider doing something so “Crazy” as to PAY FOR THE COMPANY & FAKE ADMIRATION of a DESIRABLE (to me) man in the first place=I WOULD BE THE ONE CALLING ALL THE SHOTS!!!!!! I would be who was IN CONTROL while I was busy VERY TENTATIVELY “dipping my feet in the water” again with a guy who would NEVER, EVER, EVER, have the power to HURT ME in any manner whatsoever… (THE END)

6/14/14 “update”: I am JUSTIFIABLY angry & SAD but still happy to say that I weighed 158.6 lbs today! 6/14/14 “update: ALL of EXISTENCE TERRIFIES ME=What a SAD & LONELY way to “be”… Analytics as of 7/8/14: DONEWITHTHISLIFE1 Created: Dec 25, 2010 • Videos: 4,468 • Lifetime views: 263,974, ALICIACREATURE 79.083 video views, ALICIAAROL1 7,184 video views. LIFETIME Video views as of of 7/23/14: Created: Dec 25, 2010 • Videos: 4,543 • Lifetime views: 270,029 ANALYTICS as of July 30, 2014=Created: Dec 25, 2010 • Videos: 4,565 • Lifetime views: 273,554 8/5/14 “update” I still hope to “someday” weigh 150 pounds (approximately 14-20 pounds less than what I weighed on average over the last 2 years)… DONEWITHLIFE1 channel ANALYTICS as of 8/9/14=Created: Dec 25, 2010 • Videos: 4,584 • Lifetime views: 279,917 LIFETIME VIDEO VIEWS of my 3 youtube channels as of 8/18/14=aliciacreature 79,775
aliciaarol1 7,225 (check out these 2 channels if you wish to know/UNDERSTAND how this all began for me)
DONEWITHTHISLIFE1 CHANNEL 285,371 t’s an ache that never heals
It’s the deepest cut you feel
It’s the thing in you that feeds
The animal in me

It’s the darker side of lust
It’s the other side of us
It’s the thing in you that feeds
The animal in me, the animal in me… (Motley Crue – The Animal In Me) 9/15/14: I just watched the trailer for “Fifty Shades of Grey” (release date 2/13/14)
Jamie Dornan will be playing Christian Grey=Never heard of him but at least looks-wise based on what I just saw & felt at the library-works for me!!!!! (LOL) 10/2/14 “update”=I’m moving somewhere where I can’t have Omar living with me but at least I’LL BE OUT OF THAT FKING HOMELESS SHELTER. While I am busy continuing with my weekly therapy & hopefully healing a bit (even if only as the end result of my getting BETTER/MORE SLEEP every night), I will continue to AT MY LEISURE search for the IDEAL “Omar friendly” place to live… ANALYTICS as of 10/15/14=Created: Dec 25, 2010 • Videos: 4,753 • Lifetime views: 310,402

The 50 Weirdest City Names In All 50 States

Hello, welcome to Intercourse.

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“Rameses B – Visionary (FREE)” by Rameses B


Lindsay Shaver / american flag

Nick Nunns / best meal ever: BEST CORN EVER!

best meal ever: BEST CORN EVER!

James Brooks / Unalaska WWII museum

Unalaska WWII museum

daveynin / Top of the bald head

Top of the bald head

Al Pavangkanan / Zzyzx Rd.

Zzyzx Rd.

Brett Taylor / Knife from out of the mist

Knife from out of the mist

숀 / Asbury Park Zombie Walk

Sarah_Ackerman / Santa’s Entourage

Santa's Entourage

Richard Pilon / Santa Claus

Santa Claus

Kristie Gianopulos / Baby turkey

Baby turkey

Bradley Gordon / gas

Heat Stuff! Female portrait
Ase / Shutterstock, Inc.

Richard Riley / Me Complete With Cone

Me Complete With Cone

Joel Kramer / bald!


Tony Alter / Accident


David Howard / Braintree sign use

Braintree sign use

Chris Gerrard / bloody water

bloody water

Sandy Schultz / lick

Neil McIntosh / Two horse butts

Two horse butts

Creative Tools / – PackshotCreator – Philadelphia cheese with mold - PackshotCreator - Philadelphia cheese with mold

Karen Neoh / Vietnamese Sandwich

Mike Baird / Feisty old lady in her 1929 Model “A” Ford convertible

Feisty old lady in her 1929 Model “A” Ford convertible

walknboston / Gavel


Sexy brunette girl looking at the sea
luanateutzi / Shutterstock, Inc.

vela / Brushing Meats with BBQ Sauce

Brushing Meats with BBQ Sauce

Flea or Human Flea – Pulex irritans isolated on a white
Cosmin Manci / Shutterstock, Inc.

Sarah Kolb-Williams / The Rough Life of a Dog

The Rough Life of a Dog

Luke Wisley / Intercourse??


Phillip Capper / Little Compton, Rhode Island, 3 April 2011

Little Compton, Rhode Island, 3 April 2011

Dan Perry / Hilton Head Island Golf, South Carolina

Hilton Head Island Golf, South Carolina

Woman hand showing the five fingers isolated on a white
Antonio Guillem / Shutterstock, Inc.

Rob Faulkner / Yawn. A yawning alpaca…


Miki Yoshihito / Elmo – TMX eXtra Special Edition.

Elmo - TMX eXtra Special Edition.

Attractive Hispanic woman with tin can telephone
CREATISTA / Shutterstock, Inc.

Jamie Lantzy / Three way spoon

GoToVan / 2012 Tulip Festival @ Agassiz, BC, Canada

2012 Tulip Festival @ Agassiz, BC, Canada

Basheer Tome / Silhouettes

Danny Howard / Duncan


Happy Senior Playing the Banjo Outdoors.
Nickolay Stanev / Shutterstock, Inc.

Footage courtesy of Shutterstock Inc., used by permission


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A Night With Japan’s Highest Paid Male Gigolo

Japan’s nightlife is home to hundreds of “host clubs.” These are nightclubs where women pay men simply for their attention and affection. The male “hosts” can make as much as 0,000 a night. Not only do they get large tips from the female customers, they’re also present with lavish gifts ranging from expensive alcohol to designer clothing. Vocativ went to Japan and spoke to Hikaru Aizawa, who is perhaps the most famous Japanese host of all.

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LIVING IN COMMUNITY: Balancing Perspectives on Vancouver’s Sex Industry

(Illustrated story by Rosanne Lambert & Janet McLeish www.TakingStock.TV)

Living in Community: Balancing Perspectives on Vancouver’s Sex Industry, is a unique community development initiative that was started in 2004 by a group of community organizations, sex workers, police, government and business, to make communities healthier and safer in relation to the impacts of sex work and sexual exploitation.

Looking back to how the project began, the video explores this innovative model and how it has made an impact on communities in Vancouver and beyond.

For more information, go to


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